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variety of backgrounds

Please feel free to join us!

As you may have figured out, our church is a Dutch spoken community of people that are primarily Dutch speakers. However, God has brought a number of people to Calvary Chapel that are not Dutch speakers. These folks come from a variety of backgrounds; some native English, some not.

In order to serve you who do not speak or understand the Dutch language, we offer simultaneous interpretation of our services into the English language. Those who make use of this service will receive a wireless headset from the interpretation booth through which the English interpretation is received. You are free to sit anywhere in the sanctuary that suits you as there are no wires to restrict you to a particular seating area.

So, if you are not a Dutch speaker, but are able to understand English, you would certainly benefit from this ministry.

Moreover, most of us in the church speak and understand English well enough so that communication and fellowship are not  hindered at all. Please feel free to join us!

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